Sunday, February 17, 2008

Where I'm From

I am from sidewalk chalk, from Osh Kosh and oreos.
I am from the flat land and rolling hills.
I am from the peach trees, the dandelions.
I am from fishing trips and dimpled chins, from Peggy and John and Dan.
I am from the jokes and stubbornness.
From "stop drawing on the walls" and "wear your helmet when you ride your bike".
I am from stand up sit down drink of the wine and behave, to freedom of my love in Christ and juice.
I am from Findlay, homemade mac & cheese and flake potatoes.
From the World War II where grandpa fought and stole a Japanese flag, the countless hours grandma spent crocheting afghans, and the late night shifts at the hospital.
I am from Japan and Germany, Mexico and Hancock county.
From cuckoo clocks and thousand piece puzzles, board games and Wizard of Oz ornaments.

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